For enhanced turf vigor, plant defense signaling and increased resistance to stress conditions.

Forti-Phite 0-28-26

Pure potassium phosphite in a neutral pH, ultra high purity formulation.
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Forti-Phite 2-40-16

High analysis potassium phosphite.
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Forti-Phite Ignite



Potassium Phosphites enhanced with patent-pending Sil-Shield Silica for maximum stress resistance and plant vigor.

The Forti-Phite Max product line represents the leading edge of phosphite technology. The combination of potassium phosphite and Sil-Shield Technology, a patent-pending form of plant-available silica, increases plant health, vigor, and stress resistance like no other phosphite. While the phosphite enhances the plant by eliciting defense responses in chemical signaling pathways, the silica physically enhances plant strength, hardiness, and stress resistance.

Forti-Phite Max 0-26-24 w/ 1& Si

Blend of potassium phosphite, potassium, and Sil-Shield Silica for maximum stress resistance.
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Forti-Phite Max 18-3-6 w/ 1% Si, 60% SRN

Foliar fertilizer blend with 60% SRN urea triazine, potassium phosphite, potassium acetate, and Sil-Shield Silica. This is the most advanced foliar NPK available today!
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Forti-Phite Max 2-40-16 w/ 1.5% Si

High analysis potassium phosphite with 1% Sil-Shield Silica.
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