Core fertility and basic nutrition for foliar and soil applications.

UAN 32-0-0

Fast release nitrogen with ammoniacal, nitrate, and urea based nitrogen.

30-0-0 SRN

Slowly available nitrogen fertilizer derived from Urea-Triazone with 40% free urea and 60% slowly available polymer.
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28-0-0 SRN

Urea-Triazone derived slowly available nitrogen fertilizer with 30% free urea and 70% slowly available polymer.
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0-54-0 Phos Acid

Phosphoric acid for soil applications to provide readily available phosphate, lower soil pH, and help manage bicarbonates.
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20-0-0 with Minors

Urea-Triazone 60% SRN with Fe, Mg, and Mn glucoheptonate for foliar feeding.
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18-3-6 50% SRN

Basic turf formulation with 50% slow release urea triazone nitrogen.
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18-3-6 50% SRN with chelated minors

Basic turf formulation with 50% slow release urea triazone nitrogen and EDTA chelated minors (Fe, Mn, Zn).
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PowerPaK 14-2-14 50% SRN with K-Acetate

Balanced foliar fertilizer with 50% SRN urea triazone and potassium acetate.
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High phosphate formulation derived from ammonium polyphosphate.

12-0-0 plus 6% Fe, 2% Mn, 0.25% Mg

Fast release urea-based nitrogen with organic acid complexed iron and minors for maximum green-up.
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15-0-0 plus 6% Fe

Amine compatible, complexed iron with urea-based nitrogen. Low risk of staining. Rapidly corrects nutritional deficiencies and creates a quick and dramatic green-up through foliar applications.
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Extremely low salt index mixture of UAN and Di-potassium phosphate in a 100% plant available form for rapid and efficient foliar absorption.
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