Non-plant food compounds designed for enhanced crop production, enhanced nutrient utilization, and enhanced stress resistance.

Fulvic Advanced (30% Fulvic Acid)

Concentrated low molecular weight fulvic acid for enhanced nutrient uptake and cell division.

20% Humic Acid

Blend of humic and fulvic acids, 20% concentration by A&L and BaCl method of analysis.
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6% Humic Acid

6% Humic Acid Solution.


10% Solution of Salicylic Acid. Applications of salicylic acid have been demonstrated to increase crop yields and enhance stress resistance.

Sil-Shield 25% Silica

25% plant available silica derived from patent pending Sil-Shield Technology. Sil-Shield silica is designed to be more plant available than potassium and sodium silicates and unlike other silicates, Sil-Shield will tank mix with virtually any input at virtually any pH range.
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Given today’s economic climate, turf and agricultural managers are seeking ways to preserve the quality of production with shrinking budgets and fewer resources. Custom Agronomics believes in providing unique chemistry products that maintain the highest levels of production without the expense normally associated with these types of technologies. With Custom Agronomics, custom solutions and high performance doesn’t mean high cost!

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