Core fertility and basic nutrition for foliar and soil applications.

30-0-0 SRN

Slowly available nitrogen fertilizer derived from Urea-Triazone with 40% free urea and 60% slowly available polymer.
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28-0-0 SRN

Urea-Triazone derived slowly available nitrogen fertilizer with 30% free urea and 70% slowly available polymer.
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20-0-0 with minors

Urea-Triazone 60% SRN with 1% Fe, 0.25% Mg, and 0.25% Mn glucoheptonate for foliar feeding.
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Hume Xpress 622 Zn

Ammonium polyphosphate & phosphoric acid with 0.7% chelated zinc and 7% humic acid.
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Soil Plex 10-0-5

60% SRN with Potassium Acetate, 15% kelp extracts, 8.5% humic acid, 1.75% fulvic acid.

Resist 2-0-2

Resist contains SAR elicitor compounds to enhance stress resistance, amino acids to aid in protein synthesis and carbohydrate production, humic acid & fulvic acid to enhance nutrient uptake & utilization, and biostimulant compounds to enhance plant vigor and crop yield even during periods of stress.
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